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Playroom AI APIs

Playroom is on a mission to make building social multiplayer games 10x faster. With our AI APIs you can make games with infinite content, intelligent NPCs, and realistic voice overs.


This section is under development. We are actively working on our AI systems, GPUs going brrrrr.

Content API

Using the newer Generative AI models, Playroom Kit's Content API will allow you to generate content for your games. You can generate trivia questions, game levels, game characters, game items, and more.

Voice API

Playroom Kit's Voice API will allow you to add voice to your games. You can add voice to your game characters, generate intros, voice overs, and more.

Game Templates

In addition to APIs, Playroom will game templates that use AI at it's core. We are polishing the APIs and templates but you can see what is possible by checking out Booom.ai (opens in a new tab), a trivia game using Playroom Kit for multiplayer and AI-parts.


This is something still in active development. We are planning to make it easy to add NPCs in your games. Be it a chatty NPC in a social or RPG game, or a smart enemy chasing players in an arcade game, we will make it easy to add them to your games.