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Billing FAQs

Multiplayer Kit

Monthly Active Users (MAU)

To keep it simple, Monthly Active Users is how we charge. MAU are unique users who opened or played your game in the past month from a new device. For our Multiplayer Kit, we don’t charge you for anything else; no server uptime costs or hidden fees.

Billing Examples

  • You are a Student building games, your total bill is Zero
  • You are an independent game developer or an indie studio with no revenue, you total can be Zero (Contact Us)
  • Your game has less than 15k monthly active users, you will be on $10/month Starter plan.
  • You have a game that has around 200k monthly active users, you will be on $150/month Pro plan.
  • Your game has more than 200k users, you will pay $150/month + 0.002 for any additional user above 100k.
  • You have a game that has 1M+ MAU, contact us and we can set a volume pricing that works for you.


  • If your account has $(Dollar) credits, they will be charged first before your account gets billed.
  • If your account has MAU Credits, they will be used if your game exceeds your plan's MAU limit