Playroom GDC Announcement

Playroom GDC Announcement

Tabish Ahmed
Tabish Ahmed

March 1, 2024

Today, we are launching Playroom (opens in a new tab) for Web and are excited to showcase our new website and developer showreel.

TLDR: Skip to the end, there is a video 📹

At Playroom, we are on a mission to bring people together through games but despite the existence of many multiplayer solutions, building a multiplayer games has been quite a painful process. We noticed that all the white-glove and AAA backend services are provided to studios who are shipping console games. And Web games, a true cross-platform experience, are treated as second-class citizens.

🌐 Starting today, Playroom will be the Fastest way to build, deploy, and playtest multiplayer web games.

With platforms like CrazyGames (opens in a new tab), Poki 🔜 GDC🇺🇸 (opens in a new tab), YouTube (opens in a new tab), and now Discord (opens in a new tab) opening up their surfaces for development, game studios now have the opportunity to find bigger distribution through these social channels. Game studios can utilize Playroom to build multiplayer games that are truly cross-platform and can handle the scale needed when distributed across multiple platforms.

✨ Once deployed in Playroom, every game that is launched, starts the server closest to the player in 300+ cities in 120+ countries maintaining ~50ms for about 95% of the players around the world. All this happens through the magic of managed servers with Playroom

With so much innovation happening around us, we want game studios to leverage all the latest and greatest technologies. At Playroom, we have already created multiple game templates that leverage Ready Player Me (opens in a new tab), OpenAI (opens in a new tab), ElevenLabs (opens in a new tab), Agora (opens in a new tab), and more. We aim to provide simpler integrations, so you can build your next AI, social, metaverse, IO, or any genre of game imaginable without reinventing the wheel, at 1/10 of the cost and at 100x the speed.

Along with that, we are launching two big features today.

- 🎳 Studios can now leverage Playroom to build asynchronous and turn-based multiplayer games with persistent game states and rooms.
-⚡️ Second, we are launching the beta of our Dev Portal. Developers can now host their games on Playroom’s ultra-fast CDN for playtesting in mere seconds.

There is so much more we are excited to launch in coming days, stay tuned for more. Playroom is going to 🚀🌕 .

P.S. I spent $0 on making this video, so please bear with me if there are any sound or script issues. We are busy building the product, and was only able spent a few hours on this during the GDC madness.