September Update: Tech Milestones, Developers and Games

Tech Milestones, Developers and Games

Tabish Ahmed
Tabish Ahmed

September 2, 2023

I am thrilled to share that August was a remarkable month for us, as we exceeded all our pre-seed technical objectives 3 months ahead of schedule in the development of a Multiplayer game SDK. Based on feedback, we are seeing developers save HALF the development time and Multiplayer testing has never been this easy.

If your last interaction with me and my team was six months ago, let me tell you, a lot has changed and a lot has been achieved. We have a much stronger mission and validation that we are excited to share.

Playroom helps developers Build Social Multiplayer Games in Minutes.

Developers & IPs

In just last 3 weeks, we onboarded 50 game devs and 3 game studios to try our Multiplayer kit. These developers have experience shipping casual mobile games to millions of users and we are excited to see what they create.

Our game team led by Rob Thomson is also developing unique Game IP “DeathByAi” to showcase Multiplayer Kit and we are hoping to release this before Christmas and have playtest ready at Demo day. In addition to providing more multiplayer components for developers, it also presents an opportunity for us to sell IP to large studios and generate early revenue💸.

Demo Day

We’re taking the stage on September 27th at 500 Global’s Demo Day! As part of 500 Global we are excited to share Playroom achievements and games to more than 500+ investors live in SF (If you are an investor, you can sign up here (opens in a new tab)

To prep for Demo, 500 organized an early Preview Day to selected investors where Playroom was selected among the top. As a result of this interest / conversations we’re officially kicking off Seed round and opening first calls with investors starting next week.

Multiplayer Thesis

In the past, I've used various terms like Party, Social, Community, and Group to describe it, but at its core, it has always been about multiplayer gaming. Now, we're witnessing a significant surge and investor interest in our Multiplayer Thesis. Within the industry, the multiplayer gaming concept is increasingly acknowledged as a fundamental infrastructure opportunity, also highlighted by Andrew Chen from a16z (opens in a new tab).

Nevertheless, while numerous companies are directing their attention towards AAA titles and the Metaverse, our unique focus remains on the Social Casual Multiplayer. According to Roundhill's projections (opens in a new tab), a staggering 80% of the $300 billion gaming market is expected to be dominated by social gaming experiences by 2026.

Asad & Talks

Our CTO Asad continues to prove he’s a top 0.1% developer. Last month, Apple invited him to collaborate on testing the Playroom Kit with Apple Vision. We've shared his experiential insights in a detailed post, which you can find here (opens in a new tab)

Upcoming, Asad will be a featured speaker at the JS Game Dev event (opens in a new tab), scheduled in September, discussing Playroom's capacity to address current challenges in Multiplayer game development.

Customer Segmentation

This came up a few times with folks reconnecting with us after a long time, so I decided its better to share this out before more conversations.

Following discussions with 50+ game developers and studios, we've identified our core starting audience: Independent game developers and Indie studios (teams of 5 or fewer) consumers, prosumers . This segment of our customers develops casual games, faces multiplayer setup and spend excessive time testing with outdated tools.

Our strategy targets them as early adopters, as they are faster to become design partners (like the few we already have) and are also quick to purchase. Once we capture this segment we will expand to larger studios and publishers in the future.

More achievements last month (Yep, we’ve been busy):