📜 | Changelog

Version Changes

An overview of what's new in each version of playroomkit:

v0.0.49- PlayerState is now passed to onQuit callback handler as argument.
v0.0.48- Fixed a bug with TikTok Live mode where longer usernames were not allowed.
v0.0.47- Added optional callbacks to insertCoin, waitForState and waitForPlayerState methods, helpful if your environment does not support promises.
v0.0.46- Fixed typos in TikTok API and TypeScript types.
v0.0.45- Fixed many networking bugs where onPlayerJoin and onQuit were skipped for some players resulting in inconsistency bugs.
v0.0.44- Fixed a bug where lobby is shown for a split-second when skipLobby: true.
- Added experimental liveMode with TikTok support.
v0.0.43- Fixed a bug where Playroom game wouldn't load inside an iframe over cross-origin.
v0.0.42- Fixed a bug where name and photo fields are not URL-decoded before setting to profile.
v0.0.41- Added skipLobby URL param which works just like skipLobby in insertCoin.
- Fixed a bug where name and photo fields are not locked when they are provided from the URL params.
v0.0.40- Fixed a bug where calling onPlayerJoin or any other hooks before insertCoin ignores InitOptions completely.
v0.0.39- Fixed a bug where onPlayerJoin is not called at all for non-hosts.
v0.0.38- Added addBot method to add bot to lobby from JS.
- Added reconnectGracePeriod API to let player rejoin in given ms if they were disconnected.
- Fixed player.onQuit() method to now return method to unsubscribe.
- Fixed a bug where custom avatars were not being applied to bots.
- Fixed a bug where if a player reconnects, they were given a new id instead of the one they had before.
v0.0.37- Added option to auto-set name and photo of current player using URL params.
v0.0.36- Added waitForPlayerState method.
- Fix useIsHost React hook.
v0.0.35- Fix missing types in TypeScript d.ts for Bot API.
- Added skipLobby and roomCode options to insertCoin.
v0.0.34- Added Bot API to allow for defining bots in your games.
v0.0.33- Fix missing types in TypeScript d.ts for React hooks.
- Added destroy() method to Joystick.
v0.0.32- Fix type mismatches in TypeScript d.ts types file in the bundle.
v0.0.31- Added avatars option to insertCoin method to allow overriding player avatar options to a custom list of images. PlayerState.getProfile() now has a .avatarIndex property with the player selected avatar's index; from the list initially provided.
- Changed lobby UI from purple to black so it's more neutral and compatible with any game styling.
v0.0.30- Added TypeScript Types for all APIs.
- Changed Gamepad API to use buttons provided to Joystick API instead of just firing button1, button2, etc.
v0.0.29- Added allowGamepads flag to insertCoin method to allow players to use gamepads to control the game when streamMode is also enabled.
v0.0.28- Fixed a minor bug in Joystick API and added zones to Joystick API to allow customizing the button-like triggers that fire on joystick's direction movement.
v0.0.27- Added Joystick API to allow controlling the game using a virtual joystick.
v0.0.26- Fix a timing bug where newer state change coming from unreliable (WebRTC) is discarded in favor of older state coming from reliable (WebSockets).
v0.0.24- Added baseUrl option to insertCoin method to allow customizing the base url of the game.
v0.0.23- Fixed setState bug where object typed state is not updated properly.
v0.0.20- Fixed issue where game running inside an iframe won't be able to copy link to clipboard, so we show an alternative way to copy link
v0.0.19- Added setState and getState methods to set or get multiplayer state
v0.0.18- Fixed issue where disconnected player won't disappear from all screens.
- Fixed issue where profile is not reflected to all screens.
v0.0.17- Added isStreamScreen() method to check if game is running on stream screen.