October & November Update: Community-driven Success

October & November Update: Community-driven Success

Tabish Ahmed
Tabish Ahmed

November 2, 2023

Writing this on the day I celebrate another year of life, and I'm just about to head out with kids. But before I go, I want to express how incredibly exciting it is to think about the future we aim to unlock with Playroom. The world is craving more games that can be enjoyed with friends, family, colleagues, and communities, yet there isn't enough enjoyable content for everyone to play together. Our goal is to 100x social multiplayer games, aiming to increase their availability by a hundredfold and all our efforts are laser-focused on realizing this vision

Talking about our monthly updates, I've got exciting updates to spill. So let's dive right in.

Intro: Playroom helps new and seasoned developers to build Social Multiplayer Games in minutes

Powering Multi on Bunch

Bunch, one of our closest design partners, has been a pivotal collaboration for us. We've been right by their side, fueling the launch of their instant multiplayer games.

Currently, we have around five to six more games in the pipeline with them, and our goal is to reach 300k Monthly Active Users (MAU) across all games on Bunch crafted using Playroom within the next 2-3 months. This partnership has taught us about the complexities of cross-platform integrations and the essential features needed to build social games. Our aim? To streamline the process and SDK, so others won't have to reinvent the wheel when shipping games across different platforms

Case study Insights:

  • With social games, developers see 4x time spent by users on platforms.

  • Unparalleled adaptability; our games seamlessly deploy on any social platform, molding themselves to each user's identity, thereby crafting a truly personalized experience.

Supporting Axie Infinity

Our consistent community posts have brought about another remarkable milestone – they caught the attention of prominent gaming entities, including Axie Infinity. In their words, they were genuinely "impressed by the developer experience" and expressed a keen interest in sharing our platform with their developers.

This emerging partnership led to a collaboration on the Axie gamejam (opens in a new tab), where we offered support to participants in creating multiplayer games using Playroom. The Axie team developed a prototype and proudly presented it to their community (opens in a new tab). It's incredibly thrilling when our partners become enthusiastic advocates of our platform!

Creator led Acquisition

We teamed up with YouTube creators such as WawaSensei (opens in a new tab), who educates their audience about game development. This collaboration proved to be a highly effective strategy for attracting independent developers. With just one video, we're witnessing a daily influx of 10-20 developers onboarding, testing, and remixing game templates using our SDK (opens in a new tab).

Given this success, we're strategizing to engage 2-3 creators as long-term content partners. This approach will enable us to maintain a continuous flow of tutorials and enhance our user acquisition process.

Rob’s Shorts

Rob is gearing up to launch (opens in a new tab) in-house developed party game, which will soon be available for playtesting. This game serves as a showcase, highlighting the incredible features and cross-platform multiplayer magic of Playroom, where AI plays a pivotal role in the gameplay.

You can follow his channel to watch YouTube shorts, where we will be sharing more exciting developments in the pipeline, including devlogs and game tutorials. Stay tuned for what's next on the horizon!

More achievements last month:

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