Playroom partners with Axie Infinity

Playroom partners with Axie Infinity

Tabish Ahmed
Tabish Ahmed

September 28, 2023

Thrilled to announce our partnership and support for the Axie GameJam! An incredible opportunity for game developers to leverage Playroom Multiplayer Kit alongside Axie's assets to craft multiplayer games.

We hold a deep admiration for the Axie Inifinity brand and the remarkable games they've delivered previously. Now, indie developers have an unique opportunity to forge compelling new titles using the Axie Toolkit with Playroom, which will be played by the massive Axie community.

Jam info: (opens in a new tab)

How to Building Axie Games with Playroom Multiplayer Kit Axie team shared a demo video: Watch Now (opens in a new tab)

In the video, you'll uncover the enchanting world of Playroom paired with React/NextJS, empowering you to craft captivating multiplayer Axie games. Whether you're a seasoned developer or just taking your first steps into the realm of game development, these tutorials will serve as your guiding beacon.

Other sources of reference:

Playroom Docs: (opens in a new tab)

Source code: (opens in a new tab)

Axie Starters: (opens in a new tab)