June Update: Bunch partnership and Multiplayer Kit

Bunch partnership and Multiplayer Kit

Tabish Ahmed
Tabish Ahmed

June 1, 2023

This month we have big exciting progress to share. We have been in the messy middle, but now we are emerging out of the clouds.

For this update we will delve into our core tech, the moat, that will power up the future of Playroom. Playroom is on a mission to help everyone build multiplayer party games in minutes and to achieve this we structured May on two goals:

  1. Lower the barrier for adoption.

  2. Simplify distribution.

And I want to share how we are doing on both fronts:

Multiplayer Kit Preview

With the theme to lower the barrier for our target audience, which includes indie game developers, social game publishers, and students, we are releasing a first preview of Playroom SDK, a drop-in solution to make ANY game a social multiplayer game with only six lines of code. This will be the most cost-effective and easiest solution available in the market to convert any instant game into a multiplayer experience.

We did this part to enable developers to leverage their existing development methods and onboard them on Playroom services rapidly. This upcoming release, Playroom multiplayer Kit will work with Threejs, React, Phaser, Spline, Unity(soon) and more.

We will be opening up sign ups next week with our fresh new website and SDK documentation.

Distribution with Bunch

In line with our goal to simplify distribution, our focus is to empower developers to continue using their preferred channels, while we provide the necessary Social components, API integrations, and AI tools to accelerate game development by 10x.

We are excited to announce our partnership with Bunch, showcasing how games built with our Kit can be deployed on social platforms in under a day. This opens an incredible opportunity for game makers to launch their titles out in popular spaces and get users to play where they are already hanging out with friends.

Additionally, we plan to provide integration with Twitch and Discord very soon.