Multiplayer Games on Mobile Web

Playroom is a mobile-first multiplayer framework. Players can host and join games from their mobile devices itself, and play with friends on across platforms and even on non-mobile devices.

We ensure consistent latency management across all devices. This means that every player will have a synchronized gaming experience, observing the game exactly as it is intended to be seen.

Steps to make a multiplayer game

Mobile multiplayer mode is the default mode for Playroom. This means that you don't need to do anything special to enable it. Just follow the steps described here to make a multiplayer game.

After this, just publish your game on the internet just like any other website and share the link. Players can then host and join the game from their mobile devices.

Coming soon

App Clip: Playroom will soon support launching games in a full-screen app on iOS and Android without players having to install anything on their phones. This will also bring support other features that are not available on mobile web directly. Stay tuned for more updates!